Ly-6A signaling

Second project in my laboratory focuses on the role of Ly-6 proteins in regulating cell signaling. Products of Ly-6 gene family are cysteine-rich, 12-14 Kda, three-fingered (similar to some venom toxins), GPI-anchored proteins, first identified on lymphocyte cell surface in mice. Ly-6 proteins possess cell signaling and cell adhesion properties. We are investigating the mechanism … Continue reading Ly-6A signaling

Lipid Rafts

A major project in our laboratory concerns spatiotemporal aspect of cell signaling in CD4+ helper T lymphocytes with the focus on cholesterol-rich membrane nanodomains, also known as lipid rafts. Lipid rafts show high representation of sphingolipids, glycosyl-phosphatidylinsitol (GPI)-anchored proteins (e.g., Ly-6 proteins) and a number of lipid modified signaling molecules. These membrane nanodomains are compositionally … Continue reading Lipid Rafts