Sarah Moxham

I am a senior Biology and Classical Studies double major with a minor in Bioengineering from Princeton, New Jersey. My research is focused around the role Ly-6A signaling may play in cell death via apoptosis and necroptosis, potentially through synergistic signaling with Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) receptor 1.

While TNF and similar death domain receptors are the prominent mediators of programmed cell death, recent studies have shown that Ly6a stimulation induces apoptotic cell death as well. Fluctuations in Ly-6A.2 expression from the earliest stages of development to later rise of mature T cells in the thymus are further evidence of the role of Ly-6A in T cell development and regulation. Dysregulated expression of Ly-6A results in lower cellularity in the thymus and higher instances of apoptosis in developing T cells. Ly6a mediated apoptosis has been previously found to operate through intrinsic pathways, while TNF mediated apoptotis works through an extrinsic pathway.